Urine Removers – Tips For Removing Bed Wetting Urine Stains From a Mattress

Even though there are not many products which act solely as urine removers per se, there are many different solutions which can act as stain and odor removers for mattresses, bedding and carpets. This can mean that you are fully equipped to clean up any bed wetting accidents that may happen around the household. The peace of mind which can occur from being fully equipped with products that can help in every eventuality can be marvelous if you are already juggling a very hectic lifestyle. Here are some products which can help you around the house.

With carpets, using a urine remover like car shampoo can not only eliminate the odors and stains which are attached to urine, but can condition the carpet to be soft and as good as new. It is all too true that the condition of carpets wear over time as they give way to vigorous cleaning. Thankfully, this detergent goes some ways to addressing both of the problems at once.

If you’re dealing with bed wetting stains on bedding and mattresses, it is a bicarbonate of soda which can be a lifesaver, particularly when the urine stain has soaked into the mattress significantly. Bicarbonate of soda has been proven scientifically as it lifts the bed wetting stains from the mattress or bedding and leaves little behind. One tiny criticism is the residue that can be left behind, but even this can be easily addressed by the use of a vacuum to remove any residue when the solution has dried completely.

Making sure that you have these tried and tested urine removers in your home can ensure that you are well-equipped if you have a frequent bed wetter in the house or have someone who is about to go into those stages. Remember that the longer a bed wetting stain soaks, the harder it is to remove – so be sure to prepare in advance!


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